Did Disney bought Bleach Streaming rights?

Disney bought Bleach

Disney is expanding its hold into the world of anime, especially after buying Dragon Ball Z rights from Fox. Now, it is looking to expand even further. Today, we are going to talk about the most popular topic currently circulating among anime lovers, which is whether or not Disney bought Bleach streaming rights for Disney+.

Disney+ is entering the anime market to compete with Netflix and Sony in their quest to dominate the animation industry, and Bleach could become part of Disney in this quest.

Disney entered the Bidding War for Bleach.

Yojohan Time Machine Blues and Summer Time Rendering are already available on Disney+. It is now aiming for the hugely popular Twisted Wonderland mobile game into an anime. Well, it appears that Disney+ has been quietly obtaining more anime series from Japan rather than creating them.

The Next could be Bleach, which can end up in the pocket of Disney+. As per the reports, Bleach is in the bidding war between Disney+ and Crunchyroll. So, did Disney bought Bleach streaming rights already?. No, Disney still has not acquired the streaming rights of Bleach till now.

Meanwhile, Viz Media has Bleach print rights, DVD and Merchandise. Viz doesn’t have streaming rights. However, recently Viz media uploaded an English dubbed trailer on YouTube, but it was related to the DVD and Digital release in the United States.

Netflix is also Bidding for Bleach.

Disney bought Bleach - Netflix Bleach
Photo Credit – Viz Media

Following the success of the anime “Demon Slayer” and “Blood of Zeus” on Netflix, it is on a mission to acquire more Japanese anime shows. Netflix is also looking to acquire Bleach because of its popularity.

Global viewing of anime shows has been rising about 50% a year, said Taiki Sakurai, Netflix’s chief anime producer.

In recent months, half of Netflix’s 200 million global subscribers watched at least one anime show. Sakurai added in an interview.

However, Netflix was forced to remove Bleach from its streaming site, most likely due to a lack of licensing to show the remaining episodes, which are available on other platforms such as Crunchyroll.

Disney Anime Company’s Plans

Disney is trying to generate additional anime material for its streaming service Disney+, having already created an anime series based on its enormously successful Star Wars franchise.

At the world’s largest anime convention, hosted in Japan, Disney Plus Gaku Narita and head of animation Takuto Yawata discussed the company’s future in the industry.

Yawata stated that while Disney has designated anime as a “priority area,” the business has no plans to influence producers to create work that conforms to Disney’s traditional branding.

“We deeply respect the works of Japanese creators, and we will transmit them overseas just the way they are,” Yawata said. “I am confident that this will open a new door. We have great expectations for producing local content. This includes completely new works from Japan.”

It has been reported that Disney secretly acquired several Japanese anime but did not release them on their platform due to controversial things in the shows.

I prefer Netflix over Disney when it comes to “Bleach” because of Disney’s controversial history with Ghibli Studio. Whether you agree with it or not, Disney likes to censor things. Though I hope to be proven wrong, only time will show who will succeed in this Bleach anime bidding war.  

What are your thoughts on the possibility of Disney assuming control of the Bleach anime and its further releases? Leave a comment down below letting us know whether you would like to see Bleach anime on Disney+.

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