Best Verizon Business Unlimited Plans; PDF: 2022

Verizon Business plans

Verizon is the United States’ largest wireless service, with strong coverage and affordable pricing. Verizon is the leading network carrier in 4G LTE coverage, with approximately 142.8 million subscribers. Verizon offers outstanding business options at a low cost, which we shall examine today.

Although not as inexpensive as ordinary Verizon phone plans, the best Verizon business plans are not as expensive as you may assume. If you’re switching from another carrier and have an older device to trade in, you might be able to get some very good deals on your business plans.

Verizon Business Plans

Verizon Business Plans

Verizon likes to keep things simple, which is why its business section only offers three cell phone plans. The best thing is that no matter which plans you choose based on your budget, all three options include unlimited data, calls, and texts. You have these three options when it comes to Verizon Business plans:

This is the cheapest Verizon Business Unlimited Plans with 5+ lines

Business Unlimited Start Business Unlimited PlusBusiness Unlimited
Plan FeaturesPlan FeaturesPlan Features
5G Nationwide/4G LTE5G Nationwide/4G LTE5G Nationwide/4G LTE
Unlimited Talk, Text and Data5G Ultra Wideband5G Ultra Wideband
100GB Premium Network Access100GB Premium Network Access
Unlimited Mobile HotspotUnlimited Mobile HotspotUnlimited Mobile Hotspot
Plan PerksPlan PerksPlan Perks
Call filter spam blockerCall filter spam blockerCall filter spam blocker
Enhance Security Features Enhance Security Features 
50% off on Business Unlimited
Tablet Pro plan
Price per line per monthPrice per line per monthPrice per line per month
$30 Plus Taxes and Fees$35 Plus Taxes and Fees$45 Plus Taxes and Fees
Total: $150 for 5 linesTotal: $175 for 5 linesTotal: $225 for 5 lines

For other Verizon Business Unlimited 2.0 plans, you can Download Verizon Business plans PDF file to view all the plans, prices and features below.   

download pdf

Verizon Business Plans for tablets & other devices

With these Verizon business plans, you can receive unlimited data for your tablet or smartphone. More data means you can easily stream your favorite show in 1080p or 4K from your hotspot on any device you like.

Business Unlimited Tablet StartBusiness Unlimited Tablet ProBusiness Unlimited Plus Data DeviceBusiness Unlimited Pro Data Device
$30/mo per line + taxes$40/mo per line + taxes$45/mo per line + taxes$75/mo per line + taxes
Plan featuresPlan featuresPlan featuresPlan features
35 GB Premium Network Access60 GB Premium Network Access100 GB Premium Network Access
5G Nationwide/4G LTE5G Nationwide/4G LTE5G Nationwide/4G LTE5G Nationwide/4G LTE
5G Ultra Wideband5G Ultra Wideband5G Ultra Wideband
Video streaming at 480pVideo streaming at 1080pVideo streaming up to 4K with 5G Ultra WidebandVideo streaming up to 4K with 5G Ultra Wideband
Unlimited Mobile Hotspot

Verizon business phone connect.

If you’ve decided to go with one of the above Verizon Business plans, you should be aware of the Inseego business phone connect device.

inseego business phone connect insgbpc100?hei=400

It transforms your business communications into a simple wireless device that links analogue devices to Verizon Wireless’ 4G LTE network. It can link a wide range of devices, including phones, laptops, fax machines, credit card readers, and security systems. This device is available on Verizon for $159.99. 

Verizon Fios Business unlimited plan

Verizon Fios

The internet has become critical for business. Having internet in your office allows you to conduct vital calls, share documents, and promote your company. It has become critical to have a high-speed internet service that meets your productivity requirements. We have already seen Verizon’s phone plans, and now it’s time to view their high-speed Fios internet offerings.

Internet plans from Verizon start at $69 per month. They offer high-speed Fios internet with download speeds of up to 940Mbps, as well as other services:

100/100 Mbps300/300 MbpsUp to 940/880 Mbps
Symmetrical speedsSymmetrical speedsFios Gigabit Connection
$69/mo + taxes &
equipment charges
$129/mo + taxes &
equipment charges
$249/mo + taxes &
equipment charges
Plan detailsPlan detailsPlan details
1-year price guarantee2-year price guarantee.3-year price guarantee.
Unlimited data.Unlimited data.Unlimited data.
30-day money back guarantee on 2-year term.30-day money back guarantee on 2-year term.30-day money back guarantee on 2-year term.
+$25 per month for one Business Digital Voice line.+$10 per month for one Business Digital Voice line.One Business Digital Voice line included.
No activation fee.No activation fee.
Router rental fee included.

More than 80 cities have Verizon Wideband 5G connections, which can achieve 1 Gbps download rates. Although Verizon’s nationwide 5G network isn’t particularly fast, it does cover 230 million people. When you join up for multiple Verizon business phone plans, you may be eligible for discounts on tablets and phones.

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