Bad News! YouTube Vanced is going to be Shut Down

YouTube Vanced Shut Down

Whether you use an Android device or an iPhone, you have probably heard of YouTube Vanced. It is likely that you have already installed it if you own an Android phone and enjoy watching YouTube videos.

Today is a sad day for Vanced users and entire YouTube fans, since their experience will no longer be the same as it was with YouTube Vanced. There is a reason for this, as the creator of YouTube Vanced has officialy announced that the popular YouTube Vanced will be discontinued.

According to the creators’ announcements on the official Discord Channel, Twitter and Vanced Telegram, the Download links will be removed in the coming days, and users will no longer be able to download the application that bypassed ads and allowed us to play Youtube videos in the background, as Youtube Premium members can.

YouTube Vanced

If you’re wondering why YouTube Vanced was shut down – that because the application’s creators will face lawsuits from Google LLC and YouTube if the application is not shut down, according to the Vanced Discord.

What is YouTube Vanced?

Those familiar with YouTube Vanced refer to it as a blessing or a savior. YouTube Vanced is a one-of-a-kind modded version of YouTube that includes all of the features of YouTube Premium, including built-in adblocking, background playback without YouTube Premium, and black/dark themes, all for free. Vanced has surpassed 11 million downloads in 2020.

Will YouTube Vanced still works after being Shut-down?

Yes, but for those who have already installed Vanced app and it will continue to work for atleast 2 year as confirmed by Vanced Twitter. However, this will change when the Vanced App is upgraded to the point where it is completely shut-off.

There is nothing like YouTube Vanced and we will miss Vanced a lot. Do tell us what you think about YouTube Vanced in the comment section below.

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