Russian Cyberattack: Ukrainians are urged not to open files from unknown sources

russia cyberattack

Russia has launched a devastating attack on Ukraine, a democracy with 44 million citizens in Europe. Vladimir Putin had denied for months that he intended to invade his neighbour, but he tore up a peace deal and dispatched his forces to the north, east and south of Ukraine.

Not only does Ukraine face an attack on its motherland, but Russia has also launched the largest cyberattack on Ukraine of 2022. Its the biggest Russian Cyberattack of this year.

Russia Cyberattack on the Ukrainian government

A number of Ukrainian websites, including that of the Cabinet of Ministers, those of the ministries of foreign affairs, infrastructure, education, among others, were unavailable early Thursday morning local time following a day when Ukrainian agencies dealt with multiple cyberattacks and concerns over Russian troop movements into Ukraine’s separatist regions.

According to a CNN report, a data-wiping tool was discovered on hundreds of Ukrainian computers, raising concerns about a destructive cyber attack due to Russia’s military aggression.

Russia Cyberattack on Ukrainian people

This cyberattack has also affected the Ukrainian people, as phishing attacks have been launched against the Ukrainian population.

Ukraine’s citizens are urged to avoid opening files of an indefinite nature from unknown sources at all times.

Russian Cyberattack
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“The enemy wants to gain access to the electronic devices of Ukrainians in order to collect a large amount of information,” the message says on Telegram.

As per the experts, the primary objective of these phishing attacks is to collect data regarding locations, personal details, bank account information, etc., from Ukrainians.  

United States officials have warned that Russia will use cyber operations in conjunction with military action in Ukraine. According to President Joe Biden, the US may conduct cyber operations of its own if Russia launches further cyberattacks against Ukraine.


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