NASA shares a stunning photo of galaxies colliding

NASA Galaxies

We can’t escape from the night sky. Even if you’re living in a city, the bright lights of the buildings can’t block out the stars. The stars and the moon are there for everyone to see. But what most people don’t realize is that there are other galaxies beyond our own.

NASA had previously shared LIVE link to track Giant Asteroid passing by Earth and now NASA recently used its social media platforms to release a photograph of two galaxies “colliding” in the universe.

“When an object causes another object to change or stretch, this is considered a tidal force,” NASA says about the photo shared to its Instagram. “The delicate streams of matter link the two galaxies together, as the direction of the tidal forces is away from the lower mass galaxy and toward the higher mass galaxy. Gas, dust, and even star systems could move toward one galaxy and away from the other as a result of tidal forces.”

The galaxies are so close together that they’re theoretically linked, as the tidal forces pull the smaller galaxy towards the larger one, as stated in the photo’s caption.
The picture has nearly a million likes on Instagram days after it was first published, indicating that it is still going viral.

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