Woman buys iPhone to discover store employee stole her explicit photos

iCloud hacked by store employee

Apple iCloud is known for storing all your important data — from movies, music to documents and photos in the iCloud, so you can access it directly using an Apple device. We all store personal stuff or pictures on our iCloud account, But what happens when you find out someone gained access to your iCloud? to all your memories, documents, and photographs. It’s a scary thought.

A woman in Utah, USA, had a similar experience. According to reports, her private photo was stolen after a store employee took her iCloud account credentials when she exchanged her iPhone for a new one.

The woman recently bought a new Apple iPhone from an American Telephone and Telegraph (AT&T) store in Utah. However, she received a message from an unknown number, including an explicit photo of herself a few hours after leaving the store.

What made it worse was that she and her daughter share an iCloud account, allowing them to see and receive the same photo.

iCloud hacked by store employee

She immediately calls the police. The woman then told the officer that an unknown number had sent some of her obscene images to her phone. She told the officer her daughter had also received the photos, as they share the same Apple account.

The officer checked the number on the photographs and videos with dispatch, and it turned out to be Marvin Herrera’s. Herrera worked in the same store where the woman purchased the phone and acquired her iCloud account number and password while assisting her with changing the device, the police said.

However, the woman thought it would be impossible for Herrera to keep her iCloud account and steal her photos. She admitted that she gave Herrera her Apple and iCloud account credentials to assist with the device switch.

Herrera has been arrested and charged with pornography and a third-degree felony. He was transported to the Duchesne County Jail, where he is being held without bail.

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