How to get Free Fire diamond code in 2022

how to get free fire free diamonds

Free Fire is a new FPS game for mobile devices. It’s offered for free with in-app purchases available. It’s a tactical FPS game that includes popular modes like Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Gun Game, and more just like seen in PUBG KR game.

Free Fire features a single-player mode and a co-op multiplayer mode. A single-player mode is available for those that want to play as an individual, and a multiplayer mode allows up to four players to play together for free. 

What are Free Fire Diamond code?

With the Diamonds, players can buy more weapons, upgrades, and items. Now it’s easier to get the best weapons and earn free diamonds with the in-game currency. With Free Fire’s Gold Pack in-app purchases, you can get all the diamond upgrades and unlimited ammunition for your rifle, sniper rifle, and shotgun. Plus all the other premium weapons, which you can find only by completing missions.

Here’s How to get Free diamonds in Free Fire

How to get Free Fire diamond code

For buying free Diamonds in Free Fire, you need in-game currencies that can be purchased within the game or via third-party websites. However, you need actual money for buying diamonds, but here we will show you how to obtain Free Fire Free Diamond.

Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards freefire

By far the most effective option for people to obtain Free Fire Rewards diamond is through Google Opinion Rewards. You simply need to install the app and complete surveys, after which you will be rewarded with Google Play Credits or Google Play Balance. Using an in-game payment method, those Google Play Credits or Google Play Balance can be used to acquire Free Fire diamonds.

Booyah! App

How to get Free diamonds in Free Fire booyah

Booyah! Is another app that allows you to earn free Diamonds, and the greatest thing is that Free Fire’s developer created it. Free Fire events and competitions are held on the app, and gamers can enter to earn diamonds.

GPT apps

GPT applications are comparable to Google Opinion Rewards in terms of functionality. You will be rewarded for completing all surveys and other tasks. You can also use those prizes to get Free Fire Diamonds by cashing them in.

Poll Pay App

Poll Pay free fire

Poll Pay is similar to Google Opinion Rewards in terms of functionality. To gain incentives through the app, gamers just simply complete specific tasks, such as attending quizzes and more. Rewards will be deposited to the Google Play balance once these tasks have been performed, using which diamonds can be purchased on Free Fire for free.

Custom Rooms on YouTube

Free Fire Diamonds

Another effective technique for getting free in-game currency is to use Custom Rooms on YouTube. This is one of the more straightforward ways for people to obtain Free Fire diamonds or other incentives, but you’ll also need some luck.

So, here are a few alternatives for getting Free Fire diamonds for free. It is not recommended to use any Free Fire diamond generator or hacks other than those listed above because doing so will permanently ban a player’s account from the Free Fire servers.

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