Which country dialing code is +88, 97, 96, 23: Know of its existence

Country Dialing Code 97

The phone number you call to make an international call tells you where the call is going. It’s known as a country dialing code, and it consists of a three-digit number, like 44 for the UK, or a one-letter code, such as 1 for the USA. The country dialing code tells the phone network where to find the international phone line so it can connect the two callers.

The phone number displays an additional dialing code when you receive a call. The phone number is a string of digits that serves as the phone’s address. The first set of numbers in a phone number is the country dialing code. It identifies the country from which you are receiving the call.

Here’s some of the country code that people often gets a call from 

Which country dialing code is +97

The international calling code, +97, has yet to be assigned to any country. However, numerous nations use a three-digit dialing code that starts with “9” or “7.”

In short, +97 was never a complete country code, but several three-digit country codes have always started with +97.

The Middle East and Central Asia have country codes beginning with +97 (dialed as 00 97 in many countries), but you must specify the next digit.

There are eight countries with +97X country codes:

+970: Palestinian Territories

+971: United Arab Emirates

+972: Israel

+973: Bahrain

+974: Qatar

+975: Bhutan

+976: Mongolia

+977: Nepal

Which country dialing code is +96

Similarly to +97, the +96 is also not a country code for any of the countries, then which country code is 96. The country code for the Middle East begins with +96 but with the addition of “0”.

+960: Maldives

+961: Levanon

+962: Jordan

+963: Syria

+964: Iraq

+965: Kuwait

+966: Saudi Arabia

+967: Yemen

+968: Oman

Which country dialing code is +88

No country has designated +88 as their country code either. Various country codes start with +88 (dialled as 00 88 from many locations), but you’ll need one extra digit. Bangladesh, on the other hand, has +880, and Taiwan has +886.

+880 – Bangladesh

+881 – Global Mobile Satellite System

+882 – International Networks

+883 – International Networks

+884 – unassigned

+885 – unassigned

+886 – Taiwan

+887 – unassigned

+888 – Telecommunications for Disaster Relief by OCHA

+889 – unassigned

Which country dialing code is +23

The country code +23 is not assigned to any single nation. Many countries, particularly in Africa, have the number 23 in their country code. The first two numbers of any country with that code are +23.

+230 = Mauritius

+231 = Liberia

+232 = Sierra Leone

+233 = Ghana

+234 = Nigeria

+235 = Chad

+236 = Central African Rep.

+237 = Cameroon

+238 = Cape Verde

+239 = Sao Tome & Principe

Country Dialing Code Afghanistan +93 United Arab Emirates +971 Afghanistan Albania +355 Algeria +213 Algeria Algeria Algeria +213 Argentina +54 Armenia +374 Aruba +297 Bahamas +1-242-242-4771 Bahamas Bahrain +973 Bangladesh +880 Bangladesh Barbados +1-246-439-7857 Belarus +375 Belgium +32 Belize +501 Benin +229 Bermuda +1-441-236-6483 Bhutan +975 Bolivia +591 Bosnia & Herzegovina +387 Botswana +267 Brazil +55 Brunei Darussalam +673 Bulgaria +359 Burkina Faso +226 Cambodia +855 Cameroon +237 Canada +1-250-212. You can also check entire list of country code here.

What to do when you get call from these numbers?

country dialing codes

Scammers frequently utilise these dailing codes because they are not assigned to a single country but to several. As a result, tracing these numbers back is tough. The +25 is also a sneaky number because it appears to be a mobile phone number at first glance. To verify the number you can also check the list of area code in US

Most of the time you get a missed call from these numbers. The normal response is to call back – which is what they want.

The call is routed to a high-cost premium call line, and the bill begins to accumulate almost instantly – typically costing more than a dollar/Rs 100 per second. Even a simple ring could set you back a significant sum of money.

1 The easiest way to prevent being hit is to – Do not call back.

2 If you continue to get phone calls, notify your Telecom provider (ex Jio, Airtel) immediately.

3 The call comes from both your phone and third-party apps like Snapchat, Whatsapp, and others — do not pick up or return the call.

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