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How to Remove Shorts videos from YouTube 2022


Just like Facebook and Instagram tried to Cash in the popularity of Tik Tok by Introducing Reels after the app got banned from several countries. Google also tried its hands in the world of reels and Introduced YouTube Shorts within the YouTube platform. YouTube shorts can be irritating at times and we understand that you want to remove short videos from YouTube at any cost. 

Many people dislike the new “YouTube Shorts” function and find hard to use just like finding the saved videos on YouTube app. They’ve been trying to get rid of this functionality since then. This guide will not only help to disable YouTube Shorts but also helps to remove them completely.

Three Dots Menu

Three dot Menu to disable short video

Let’s start with the basic one. If you want to remove a specific YouTube Shorts. In that case, click on those three dots in the top right corner. 

Now click on the not interesting option and that it’s. The short video now is removed from your feed if you select the not interesting option. This method is for people who would rather filter out their feed than quit viewing YouTube short altogether.

How to change YouTube Shorts recommendations

If you are thinking of changing the YouTube Shorts recommendation and getting past the irrelevant shorts videos, then there is bad news for you, as you cannot change recommendations manually.

However, if you don’t like any of the shorts or videos, you can let YouTube know by clicking on the three dots in the top right corner, as seen above. Now YouTube’s algorithm knows you don’t want to see these kinds of videos, they won’t be shown to you again.

Factory Reset YouTube App

Factory reset YouTube app

It is another simple way to get rid of YouTube Shorts. So what it basically does is – that it toggles to the version of YouTube that came pre-installed on your device. It simply rolls out to the YouTube version before the introduction of YouTube Shorts.

You can simply long-press and uninstall YouTube. Else, go to phone settings> application> search YouTube> click on YouTube> then click three dots in the top right corner and click uninstall update> As soon as you click there, all new YouTube updates, including Shorts, will be disabled. If your device is old enough, the procedure will work like a charm.

YouTube Vanced

Vanced to Remove Short videos from YouTube

It is the simplest method for removing Shorts videos from YouTube known as “Vanced.” I personally use this particular app and enjoy it because it not only removes short videos but also removes ads from YouTube. The vanced app comes with different features like an inbuilt adblocker, background playback, auto-repeat, customizations over speed and resolution, etc.

This app was specially created by XDA developers which marks the Seal of trust. Download the YouTube Vanced manager from the link given below. Install the app and follow the instructions as given; 

How to Disable Shorts video in YouTube Vanced App;

remove short with youtube vamced
Remove Shorts from YouTube App
  • Go to settings and click on vanced settings
  • Then, go to ad settings
  • Go to the bottom of the screen and turn on short self. (This will disable Youtube shorts)
  • To disable Youtube short on the Home screen, Go to layout settings and turn on comments location (alpha). This will remove the annoying Youtube button as well as from Home Screen
Remove short from homescreen
Remove Short video from YouTube Homescreen

Downgrade YouTube App

Another option is to revert to an older version of the YouTube app. In this way, we can actually restore the YouTube app to a version prior to the introduction of YouTube Shorts.

Here’s how to Install YouTube Old Version

  1. Download Youtube version 14.12.56 from here
  2. Install the app by allowing unknown sources to install apps.
  3. Log in to your YouTube Credential
  4. Make Sure you do not update the YouTube App

How to Disable YouTube Auto-update

Disable Auto-update
  1. Go to Google Playstore
  2. Search YouTube on Playstore
  3. Tap on the three-dot menu on top and disable auto-update.
  4. Now it’s done.

Use YouTube in the browser (works in iPhone also)

YouTube Browser

You may have noticed that the above method does not work on iPhones, however, this particular method does work on iPhones and iPads. YouTube shorts are not available in the browser version of the site. You can open any browser on Your Android or iPhone and go to to watch YouTube without shorts.

We hope these methods helped you to get rid of shorts videos on Youtube easily. If you have any suggestions or methods to add-on please comment down below. 

Shashank is an experienced tech blogger. He has completed his Master in Business Administration but his heart lies in technology & Gadgets. He is basically Creative in Nature and his one of favorite thing is Capturing Nature closely whenever he gets the free time.

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