Mobile Users are still reluctant to upgrade 5G for several reasons.

Users not upgrading to 5G

Despite 5G availability users are still reluctant to upgrade to 5G. 

It’s been two-and-a-half years since the 5G first arrived in Asian countries like – South Korea, Taiwan, Japan and China. On the other hand, India, Indonesia, Vietnam, the Philippines, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, and Pakistan have not implemented a 5G policy yet.

Despite 5G availability, there are still a large number of people who have not reluctant to upgrade 5G plans or are not willing to upgrade to 5G as if yet. 

According to the survey done by iResarch consulting, there are several reasons why users are still reluctant to upgrade to 5G. 

Here’s some reason for not upgrading to 5G

reluctant to upgrade 5G plans

1 Didn’t purchase 5G Phone – While most of the latest smartphones support 5G networks, there are still plenty of users who are using phones that are several years old, and these phones do not support 5G networks. Hence, users of these phones cannot upgrade to 5G plans.

2. Expensive 5G plans – Although upgrading to a 5G is easy and gives the option of number portability or a replacement physical card, the high monthly fee of $50-$110 with no unlimited plan still scares away many users who are interested in upgrading to 5G. 

3. Weak 5G Networks – In some countries like China, the 5G signals are feeble. Although all major operators are accelerating the construction of 5G towers, there are many areas where 5G signals are weak or have no coverage. Even the 4G signal built many years ago is much more stable than 5G.

4. The 5G applications are not mature – At present, there has not yet been an application that can fully take advantage of the network rate on 5G. 

5. Other Reason – In addition to the above reasons, there are some other reasons stopping users from upgrading to 5G plans. For example, 5G networks consumes much more battery power than 4G, making mobile phones heat up and so on.

“A country’s ability to progress to 5G will largely depend on existing network infrastructure. Mature markets such as South Korea and Australia already had an over 90% 4G coverage. But Malaysia and the Philippines still clock under 80% in terms of 4G network coverage so operators in these countries will not be able to launch a 5G network until early 2022,” explained Laveena Iyer, Research Analyst, EIU.

In some countries like India, operators remain focused on improving 4G connectivity, such that any progress on 5G is only likely from 2022 onwards. However, high spectrum costs have always been a concern for companies in India, where regulators and operators continue to spar over the base price.  

The Companies that have launched 5G have had to offer steep discounts or offer 5G packages as a complimentary service for a short-term period to capture a large amount of market. 

Do tell us in the comment section what you’re though on it. 


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