iPhone running MIUI 11 spotted, Hackers port MIUI 11 by Jailbreak Tool

iPhone running MIUI 11 spotted

Hacker able to Run MIUI 11 in iPhone

Apple iOS is known as the most secure platform in the smartphone industry. Apple does not advise Jailbreaking Apple’s device in any case, but it doesn’t stop people from doing so. Hacker’s loves to showcase their hacking skills.

Hackers already ported Android OS on the iPhone is, in fact, not a mere fantasy. However, this developer successfully ported the MIUI 11 system on the iPhone due to the vulnerability of the checkm8 jailbreak tool.

Unfortunately, the video does not demonstrate any specific MIUI 11 operation, from the status bar, we can see the phone has a signal. So, iPhone can be used for calling purposes.

iPhone Running MIUI 11

Likely, many features of the MIUI system will not work properly on the ported iPhone. Although, the hacker’s point is that MIUI 11 ran successfully on an iPhone.

Xiaomi released the MIUI 11 on September 24, 2019, in October. MIUI 11 has a good reputation and is less buggy compared to MIUI 12. It includes new features like a dynamic font system, excellent screen display, natural sound system, Mi Work Kit and Mi-Go Travel Kit.

Do tell you thoughts on porting MIUI 11 in an iPhone in our comment section below.

Source – [Fast Technology Chinese]

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