Netflix N-Plus gives you ‘Behind the Scene’ Experience of your favorite show

Netflix N-plus Subscription

Netflix N-plus service is quite similar to Amazon Prime Video’s X-Ray feature.

Netflix has a large no of audience across the globe and is the biggest OTT Platform. A large number of films, exclusive web series are being watched on Netflix every minute. Netflix is expected to provide people with more content to binge-watch with the launch of a new extended service called Netflix N-Plus soon.

The new service will help the users to get exclusive content related to their favorite TV shows, movies, anime, documentaries, etc. 

The users will be able to watch the Behind the Scenes of their favorite film shoots and events. Users are very curious to see how they shoot their favorite shows or movies, web series. N Plus subscription is going to make it easier to watch.

Netflix is reportedly conducting a survey to see if users are up for the additional service.

Netflix N-Plus
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According to the Survey, the added service will be an opportunity for people to know more about their favorite Netflix shows. It includes movies, both Netflix Originals and others.

The content includes text, image, and video feeds you can sign up for news, interviews, analysis, deep dives, games, how-tos, audience conversations, music, podcasts, and much more.

Netflix is expected to provide the N-Plus service at free of cost and will be a part of your existing Netflix plan and even for people who aren’t subscribed to Netflix.

According to reports, the N-plus service is quite similar to that of Amazon Prime Video’s X-Ray feature. The X-ray feature offers users to get additional information about the actors, movie, behind the scene in the show which they are currently watching or willing to watch.

Special Feature of Netflix N-Plus

  • Users will not have to pay for N Plus subscription.
  • N plus can also be traced through Google Search.
  • Users who have a Netflix plan can see Behind the scenes within the existing plan.
  • Behind the scenes can be seen by putting the name or cast of an event.
  • N Plus will also include Netflix Originals.
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