How to Download Battleground Mobile India Version in Android and iOS

Battleground Mobile India for iOS users

Battlegrounds Mobile India is an India-exclusive version of popular PUBG Mobile Game.

PUBG fans are desperately waiting for PUBG Game to return in India for a long time. Soon there wait for the new game will be over as Krafton Inc has officially announced that it will soon launch a new PUBG game called Battlegrounds Mobile in India.

The PUBG Indian version will be officially known as “Battlegrounds Mobile India” The social media handles which used to represent PUBG Mobile India were changed to Battlegrounds Mobile India.

Battlegrounds Mobile India is a rebadged version of PUBG Mobile India, which the company planned to launch in the country after the ban by the Indian Government on PUBG Mobile.

Krafton launched a new website Battlegrounds Mobile India and posted a new announcement. The social media handles which used to represent PUBG Mobile India were renamed to Battlegrounds Mobile India and in the Youtube channel, all videos were completely removed with a Battlegrounds Mobile India teaser video.

Battleground Mobile India Privacy? 

Krafton has assured that user privacy and data protection is their top priority. All the data collection and storage will be done in full compliance with all applicable laws and regulations in India.

Krafton Inc. has collaborated with Microsoft Azure to host all of its portfolios, including Battleground mobile India.

Battleground Mobile India version download

Battleground Mobile India version download

PUBG Battleground mobile India version download will not be available for download anytime soon. According to the announcement, the pre-registration process for this new game will begin before it’s official launched.

A Battleground mobile India Beta Version will be launched first to deal with its new bugs, limitation, and improve the gameplay. After resolving and improving the game, a fully compatible bug-free Battleground mobile India will be open to download for the public.

PUBG Mobile fans in India can expect a full-scale Battlegrounds Mobile India launch shortly. This game will be available specifically for the Indian region.

The game will be published on official application stores like Google Playstore and Apple App Store. New PUBG Battlegrounds Mobile Indian Beta version can be downloaded from the link given below

Download Battlegrounds Mobile India APK

Difference between PUBG mobile Global and Battleground mobile India?

PUBG Battleground mobile India version download

Battleground mobile India is the rebadged version of the famous PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Game. The game was originally launched in 2017 for the world. PUBG game also has localized versions or counterparts of the game which were made for regions like China, Korea, and Japan. Now Battleground mobile India can be considered as one of the counterparts with slight changes than the original global version. 

The company said, the game will release with exclusive in-game events like outfits and features and will have its own esports ecosystem with tournaments and leagues.

  1. Battleground Mobile India could have restrictions on the playtime to promote healthy gameplay habits and culture for young players but it’s still not confirmed, so take it as a pinch of salt. 
  2. The red bloodstain color is changed to green in Battleground mobile India again it’s still not confirmed by Krafton. 
  3. Your Matching will be Done with Indian Players only 
  4. You will not able to switch the server. 

Who is the publisher of Battleground mobile India?

Battleground Mobile India will be fully developed and controlled by the PUBG South Korean Creators “Krafton Inc.” Earlier, the publishing rights were handled by Tencent but since the ban, Krafton Inc. cut off their ties with the Chinese Cooperation for the region and assumed full control over game development, publishing and launch in India.

Will I get my old PUBG Global Account back in Battleground Mobile India?

According to some reports, New Battleground Mobile India will allow retrieving your old PUBG Global IDs. Hence, it means that in-game purchases made in the global version will also be carried forward to the PUBG Mobile Indian version.

Is Battleground mobile India Game Free to Play?

Yes, the Game is free to download and play on your Smartphone. However, in-game purchases like Gun Skins, Battle Pass, Clothes will not come free. 

Do tell us how excited you are for PUBG Battleground Mobile India Game coming to India? 

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