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How To Fix Android Apps Crashing issue on Xiaomi Smartphone

Xiaomi Phone are experiencing Apps Crashing issue due to Bug

Xiaomi and other android smartphones are dealing with a strange and annoying bug that seems to crash Android Applications frequently. Google already confirmed that the problem is related to the Android System WebView which leads to Android Apps Crashing. The System Webview helps apps to display web content without web browsers.

Xiaomi and Samsung are the ones who are badly affected by this bug. The users have been sharing on forums and Twitter about the “apps keep stopping” or “Android Apps Crashing” issues and related stuff.

An annoying error message keeps popping up every now and then saying that “msa keeps stopping” or “Apps Keep Stopping” as well as “App stopped working” can be seen on Xiaomi as well as some of Samsung Galaxy phone too. 

This error frequently appears upon trying to open a set of commonly used apps, including – Gmail, Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, etc. 

Google has already acknowledged the bug and fixed the problem with the new Android System WebView update. If you haven’t got the update and still facing the issue, then this might help. 

How to stop Apps Crashing in your Xiaomi Phone 


Xiaomi Android WebView
Source: Mi Forum


     1 If you’re on a Xiaomi smartphone, navigate to Settings > System Apps > Manage Apps

  1. Then Search for “Android System WebView” and click on it
  2. Now, If you Look down, then you’ll see the “Uninstall Update” button; click on it
  3. Now, it will solve your Android Apps Crashing problem in Xiaomi Phone

Scenario 2: It might happen you don’t find “Android System WebView” in your system at all. No worry, we got you covered. In that case, follow these steps.

1. Go to the Play Store and search “Android System WebView.”

2. Now, You Uninstall/Update according to the given situation. Google already provided the update for the fix, and installing the update will help solve the problem.

Fix  Android Apps Crashing

3. If it is coming blank or neither Uninstall nor Update option is appearing, then go to Settings>System Apps > Manage Apps, search for Google Playstore and clear the cache.

4. Now, your phone should start working flawlessly without any crash.

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Update Google Chrome App in Play Store

  1. In case the above method didn’t work for you, then here is the most simple and easy method. 
  2. Go to Google Play store and search “Google Chrome.” 
  3. Now update the Google Chrome app from Playstore 
  4. That’s it, and Now your Smartphone is bug-free

Scenario 2:  The above two Methods will surely remove the “WebView” bug altogether, but if you still find difficulty, then try this method. 

1 Go to Settings > System Apps > Manage Apps and search “Google Crome App.”

2 Now Disable it or Uninstall it, according to the given situation on your Xiaomi Phone. 

Note: These above Methods are 100% safe and will not delete your critical Data. 

This should immediately stop the “MSA and Apps keep stopping” issue on your Xiaomi Smartphone. This method is applicable on all Xiaomi smartphones, including – Xiaomi Mi9T Pro, Redmi Note 8, Redmi Note 9, Mi8, Mi9, Mi10, Poco X3, Poco devices, etc.   

“A new update to Android System Webview has been issued to the Play Store, which should bring it to version 89.0.4389.105 and should fix the apps crashing problem. You can search for it in the Play Store or follow the link to it in the main article to update it” says Google

[LATEST UPDATE AS ON 22/06/2021] Google has made official announcement on twitter and suggested a soft reboot of the phone. While the fix worked for some of user and solved their problem. 

The other option is to uninstalling the latest update from the Google which solved the app crashing problem.

It’s look more like a bug with the updated version of the app that Google will possibly fix out with another update. If the above method works, Please do confirm it and let us know in our comment box below