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PUBG Mobile India Gameplay changes from No Bloodshed to Playtime limit

New PUBG game will allow retrieving your old PUBG Global IDs

As we all know that PUBG Mobile is returning to India after the government banning 118 apps including the PUBG Mobile game due to security concerns. PUBG Corporation has announced that it will soon be launching a PUBG Mobile Game specially made for India in a new avatar.

A few days back, PUBG Mobile uploaded multiple teasers for the upcoming Indian version of the game on their Social media Channels. PUBG Cooperation has also launched a new website for India Users here.

The website doesn’t feature much except their social media posts and links to the Social Media handles. The PUBG Mobile India new version would be slightly different from the global version in terms of the game content while playing style remain unchanged.

PUBG Mobile India Gameplay changes

The changes made especially for the Indian market include promoting healthy gameplay habits for young players.

1 Green Hit Shot – No more Red Blood effect. In the global version you get an option to customize the hit effect color, in the Indian version, it would be locked to the Default Green color.

2. Playtime Limitation – The PUBG Mobile India will have restrictions on the playtime to promote healthy gameplay habits and culture for young players.

3. Default fully clothed character – You can call it more sanskari approach towards the Indian Players where the characters in the game would be fully clothed by default. No more skin show from now on, I wonder will it be fully clothed in the start arena (waiting area) too.

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4. No More Island – The highlight of the PUBG game was playing on the island covered with an ocean that you might not see in PUBG Indian Version. As per the reports, the game will not be based on an island anymore, and would instead be played in a virtual training area. While this would not affect the battle royale nature of the game as it was known to be.

The company has also revealed that there will be changes to the gameplay mechanics as well

What remain unchanged in PUBG Mobile India

PUBG Mobile India being a new game with servers based in the country, the game will allow retrieving your old PUBG Global IDs in the Indian version game. It will also mean that in-game purchases made in the global version will also be carried forward to the PUBG Mobile Indian version.

The company is yet to announce the release date of PUBG Mobile India. However, we expect the game to be made available very soon.