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Microsoft Xbox Series X is better than Sony PS5 For third-party Games

Sony and Microsoft are gearing to launch their next-generation gaming consoles PS5 and Xbox Series X most probably till the end of the year. No doubt, these consoles will come with their own exclusive first-party games but when it comes to third-party games things get different.

According to Dusk Golem, the  Xbox Series X is better than Sony PS5 when it comes to cross-platform game graphics performance. Xbox Series X has a stronger native performance than Sony PS5. While Sony PS5 has an advantage in exclusive first-party games will be boost by the high-speed SSD.

According to him, The Sony PS5 struggle to reach 1080P@60FPS while Microsft Xbox Series X can go up to 4K@60FPS. It comes to Notice when “Resident Evil 8” comes into the play, the game runs perfectly on Microsoft Xbox Series X, while some problems were noticed with its performance on Sony PS5.

The Sony PS5 version of “Resident Evil 8” will be 1080P@60FPS at the initial launch, while the Xbox Series X version will be 4K@60FPS.

Dusk Golem is a credible source looking at his previous reliable information. After all, it looks like the Xbox Series X is indeed superior on paper in comparison with Sony PS5.