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Netflix to cancel inactive memberships

Netflix to cancel inactive memberships

Netflix members will get the emails or in-app notifications in the upcoming week.

Netflix is keen on providing their services to the one who needs it or watches it regularly and to curb those unwanted people Netflix to cancel inactive memberships. Netflix will be asking inactive members to confirm if they wish to keep their membership alive or else end it.

This applies to the members who haven’t used Netflix for a year, or have stopped watching for more than two years. The fellow Netflix members will get the emails or in-app notifications in the upcoming week.

The company said that they do not want people paying for something that they are not using. The company will reach out to people who have not watched anything on Netflix for a year since joining that if they want to continue their Netflix subscription or not.

The company also said, if users do not want the Netflix subscription or those who do not respond, the company will automatically cancel their service. Well, Re-joining Netflix is still an easy task. Reactivating an account within 10 months restores previous profiles, favorites, and user preferences for convenience.

“The number represents less than half of a percentage of overall users all over the world. The number is only a few hundred thousand”, said Netflix

Netflix has seen a massive surge in its subscriptions and has added around 16 million subscribers in the first quarter of 2020 thanks to Coronavirus lockdown where people are forced to stay at home and Netflix has become the most essential thing to end the boredom in this situation.

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