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Here’s How to stop Coronavirus Caller tune on your phone

Coronavirus alert

In case you do not wish to listen to it every time

As you might be listening to a caller tune while calling others, that informs users about taking measures to avoid being a victim or spread the deadly disease. If you don’t know the Indian government has ordered all telecom operators to set a 30-second audio clip as a default caller tune for their subscribers.

Although, Coronavirus caller tune has definitely brought in a great sense of awareness but not everybody likes it, some were irritated by the COUGH sound and the frequency of the tune’s announcement.

In case you do not wish to listen to it every time and want to immediately connect to the caller, there are some measures;-

Steps to Stop Coronavirus Caller tune;


1.  Connect the Call, Wait for the message to begin.

2. Then bring up the dialer and press the one (1) or hash (#) button to make it stop.

Other Steps to Stop Coronavirus Caller tune;


1.   After dialing the number, you could cut the call immediately and re-dial.

2. Choose WhatsApp calling, Messenger or other App based calls as an alternative

However, it will not completely stop the tune playing the next time you are making a call. Moreover, users can reach out to the nearest health facility or dial the helpline number 011-23978046 to get more details.

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