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Unexpected Notification

Everything that happens in our life is planned. The universe shows us the wat to our destiny even when we don’t expect it to. Everyone crosses our path for a reason. Haana’s meeting with Sikander was not something usual.

Haana, a simple, college-going girl, is ambitious and choosy about everything in her life. But what happened when she saw a handsome, well-built man at a cafe and later coincidentally saw him on social media. She wondered how extraordinarily he popped in her life. Out of curiosity, she searched about him on social media and found out that this man was a ‘Social Media Swagger.’ Still, she struggled yo find the answer to the most bothering question- “Uske paas bungalow hai, gaadi hai, bank balance hai lekin girlfriend hai kya?”

Was she successful in finding out or not? Her crush changed her life, but for better or for worse?

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Shashank is an experienced tech blogger. He has completed his Master in Business Administration but his heart lies in technology & Gadgets. He is basically Creative in Nature and his one of favorite thing is Capturing Nature closely whenever he gets the free time.

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