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Tesla Cybertruck reimagined as Batmobile from The Dark Night


Batman approves it

Tesla Cybertruck Batmobile

Tesla has unveiled the wildest futuristic truck ever and we don’t know if something is broken with the future or not. As it looks like someone has just glued the broken triangular pieces together to build this truck. Tesla likes to call it “Cybertruck” and says it the most powerful truck ever.

With that angular design, it could replace Christopher Nolan’s Batmobile from “The Dark Night” and one Reddit user Stubzzz_ gone ahead and reimagined the new Tesla Cybertruck as “Arkham Cybertruck” and we are sold by the amazing details and craftsmanship on the new design.

Batmobile Cybertruck

The New Tesla Batmobile or Arkham Cybertruck whatever you liked to call it? Has everything to be Christopher Nolan’s Next Batmobile. As it has angular cockpit design, the bulletproof body that Batman needed the most, big rear tires and fin on top of it. The Cybertruck is built to be tough just like Batman, with “ultra-hard” cold-rolled steel and extra-tough armor glass.

The Tesla Cybertruck is built to tow 14,000+ pounds in its top configuration; it can travel 250+ miles and do 0-60 mph in less than 6.5 seconds which is insane. The price for Cybertruck starts from $39,900, the production for single-motor will begin in “late 2021”

Do tell us in comment do you like the new “Tesla Batmobile”


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