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Google is giving away free Play Store credits; you might be a lucky one!

Playstore credit

The free credits are said to expire in two years

Playstore credit

We all know that Google is making far less money from its Playstore compare to its Rival Apple Store. Now to promote and boost Play Store credit Google is giving away between $2 and $5 free credit to their users.

Google didn’t announce anything about the free credit promotion, It appears that Google Pixel 3 users are Guaranteed to receive at least $2 in credit. Right now Google is targeting Random people for Free credit promotion so you might be the chosen one.

To see if you are the chosen one, Open up your Playstore and scroll down all the way to the bottom of the page till you find the banner that tells you to claim your credit, then congratulation and If you didn’t find anything then it just your bad day.

With the free credit towards your playstore, you can purchase app or game with an on-store price greater than the received credit so you need to have a residual Play Store balance to pay the rest or have a payment method.

However, one thing is pretty common in all random people selected for free credit promotion by Google is that they all belong to the U.S so mainly the free credit promotion is applicable on the U.S resident only for right now, although we are not sure about it.

The credits are said to expire in two years. Do remember that you can’t use the free credits to pay for subscriptions or in-app purchases.

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