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Google Pixel 3 will bring real-time Lens along with fast Wireless Charging

Pixel 3

Google Pixel 3’s wireless charger Renders Leak

Pixel 3

Samsung has already launched their latest Galaxy Note 9 Flagship device and Apple made new iPhone X series official now all eyes are upon Google and they’re yet to launch Pixel 3 Smartphone, everyone is waiting for Google to show up their trump cards before the year ends.

Google will be launching Pixel 3 series Next month before that we have exciting news regarding the new Pixel 3. According to Twitter user IshanAgarwal24, Pixel 3 will be able to run Google lens in the camera app thanks to the Hexagon 685 DSP and improved NPU that comes with Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 SoC.

Google Lens is a brand new feature for Pixel owner. Other well-known features in Pixel series are like Now Playing, Active Edge, Google Assistant and more.

That’s not all If you remember Google Nexus 4 was the first smartphone to support wireless charging but soon Google dropped the technology and after that, we haven’t seen any Nexus or Pixel devices to support it but now Pixel 3 Device is returning with the Wireless charging technology.

Google Dock

A leaked image of the Official Pixel charger dubbed as “Pixel Stand” show how it would hold the Pixel Phone and shows the Smart Display function. Eventually, it means Pixel Phone will show a different UI as soon the phone docked in, the Google Assistant will be front and center.

The wireless charging dock says 9V/2A (If you look closely to its bottom). The Pixel 3 will also support fast wire charging. Do let us know what you think about New Pixel Device in our comment section.

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