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Samsung caught using Stock photo instead of real camera samples

Galaxy A8

Samsung caught Misleading people by using the Stock photo instead of real camera samples

Samsung Galaxy A8

Samsung is known for promoting & Marketing their devices in an innovative manner. Samsung probably known and praised for their aggressive Marketing and Samsung does this with every device they launch but this time Samsung Brazil accused for using some stock photos from Getty Images to promote the frontal camera setup of the Galaxy A8 (2018).

The stock photos which Samsung had professedly posted on its official Twitter account were found to be captured back in 2015. A Twitter user with @feliperas username noticed that Samsung’s Brazilian division was using two stock photos from Getty Images to promote the selfie functionality of the Galaxy A8 (2018).

The images Samsung Brazil posted were edited to make them feel that they were taken with a professional camera. When the user Feliperas tried to call the Brazilian division out, the person behind the account decided to pass the photo again as an image of Galaxy A8 in a response saying “This is ours, isn’t it nice?”

Galaxy A8

Soon the Twitter user flooded Samsung twitter account with many actual photos along with issue date and price. When Samsung realize that the matter is going out of their hands, they came up with an excuse “that many of the photos posted are from the actual smartphones, but these images only had the intention to express mood and do not claim to be actual samples of the Galaxy A8 camera performance.” Said by Samsung local division

Instead of explicitly confirming the fallacy, it eventually deleted the tweets carrying the stock photos. Not only Samsung but Huawei in 2016 also misled the public by posting photos from a Canon DSLR camera that were pretended to be captured from the Huawei P9.

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