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Pinchai respond to $5B Fine To Google, says Google might start charging for Android

The EU wants Google to stop preloading its Chrome browser and its search engine to Android


Google is facing one of the biggest and historic $5 billion fine over antitrust violations related to its Android operating system, The EU wants Google to stop preloading its Chrome browser and its search engine to Android.

The Mountain View, the California-based tech giant is expected to appeal the decision, with the process itself being likely to take years to be completed. The Alphabet-owned company previously argued its mobile apps are a core part of the Android experience, with the case itself being reminiscent of the manner in which Microsoft defended its practice of having Internet Explorer as the default Windows browser in the ’90s.

Google is presently also being investigated by EU antitrust authorities over its advertising platform AdSense, i.e. its terms of service that prevent firms from using it in conjunction with competing solutions.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai has written an open letter in response to the European Union’s Competition Commission – “Decision rejects the business model that supports Android, which has created more choice for everyone, not less.”

He also adds “that the development of the platform is very expensive and if Google is unable to generate revenue from it in the current way it might need to make up for it otherwise” which means the company might need to start charging makers for it and that will increase final price of its products.

Google will naturally appeal the EU’s ruling. It fails to overturn it, the company will have 90 days to change its practices or risk facing an even larger fine.

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