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Hacker breaches Android spyware software & steals customer data

Android Spyware

The hacker exposed massive amounts of data of SpyHuman clients and marks.

Well if you use Spyware on your own smartphone or that of your friend then it’s the right time you to get cautioned because A hacker stole massive amounts of data from a firm developing Android spyware. The company named SpyHuman, which promotes itself as a utility tool for monitoring the smartphone usage of employees and children, was targeted by an unnamed hacker.

As Reported by Motherboard, a hacker stole massive amounts of data from an Android spyware firm, SpyHuman also promoted itself as a tool to spy on romantic partners before rebranding as a product for employers and parents.

SpyHuman’s tool also monitors smartphone usage and relays that information to a client. In order for the spyware to work, the client must first have physical access to the device to install SpyHuman’s software. Once the spyware is installed, it can run silently in the background without any hint of it to the original device owner.

According to the company’s website, it can supply a client with phone calls and text messages, GPS locations, WhatsApp and Facebook messages, and can even remotely turn on the device’s microphone. All information is recorded and relayed to a dashboard which the client can check in real time. And Hacker just breaches the software and access all the Information

“These spy apps should be out of market, most people spy on girls and [their] data image […] always sensitive,” the hacker wrote in a message after performing the hack. “No one have rights to do that and same these apps and provider making money by doing this.”

Motherboard reported that over 440 million call details were available via SpyHuman’s site, accessible by anyone with the know-how.  The hacker made to demonstrate how to perform the hack via Video. The video shows that it is as easy as creating a free account and launching the program using the hacker’s spyware tool. SpyHuman has confirmed that the information belonged to its customers.

“We deeply care about our customers and the privacy of our customers’ data. After [receiving news of the hack], we immediately took actions to secure our system,” the company wrote.

if you are planning on spying on your friend, employee or partner then it is important to know that there are hackers constantly looking to exploit the opportunity to hack these spywares and expose user data.

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