SEAGO Cheapest Electronic Toothbrush at $5; Review


It’s a Great Starter kit for the one who never tried the Electronic Toothbrush before


After Changing your Toothpaste still, there is no relief then you should change your ToothBrush and opt for an Electric toothbrush. Although somehow it sounds like an Advertisement to you but it isn’t as sometimes small changes can bring the big difference in your Life. It time to switch to Smart Brushing and Smart brushing does not require much efforts compare to Manual Brushing.

In the busy Life we don’t have the time to care ourselves but then this negligence can cost you just like not taking care of your teeth can bring up big problems. It’s the time when we move towards Smart ways of brushing our teeth and one way is buying a Seago 663 Electric toothbrush. It Helps prevent the plaque and Gems and also gives you the deep cleaning of your teeth!


The Seago SG-663 Model toothbrush comes with 2 Brush Replacement and these are also called as Mini Head that helps you clean the Hard to reach Area. The Electronic toothbrush requires an AAA Battery with the help of it it can go for 90 Days and the Brush heads come with the Tongue Cleaner.



The thing which I like about it is its Sleek design you can see that it only little bit thicker than the manual brush although it quite a long. While the Electronic toothbrush means to know as big and Bluckier toothbrushes but this isn’t the case with Seago toothbrush. It quite handy has a nice grip

The Seago toothbrush comes with the stand when you make it lie flat to the surface while the ordinary ones practically touch the surface and collect dirt and gems that go to your mouth especially from the tongue cleaner side and the given little stand is pretty effective for a long term. There is an on/off button given at the centre.

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It is IP67 waterproof & protected with its vibration frequency of 23000 strokes per minute, it can remove coffee stains, plaques, debris effectively from your teeth without damaging the enamel. I am using it for more than a week and I can feel the difference from the first day of use. Like I said before it requires AAA battery well I am using a Rechargeable battery and with one charge it can last upto 90 days. When you ran out of your Brush replacement heads you can buy the pack of 2 Brush heads for a 1$ it so cheap and convenient it is.

Final Verdict


I totally recommend switching to Smart and Electronic toothbrush for a gentle yet dynamic cleaning action that drives fluid deep between teeth and along the gum-line to help prevent the development of gum disease and improve gum health. And also for the ones who have Bleeding Gum problem just like me and after it, I am happy to say Goodbye to the bleeding gum problem. It’s a Great Starter kit for the one who never tried the Electronic Toothbrush before, you can buy it from gearbest for just $5 with quick shipping! in 8 Days only




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