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Capture Underwater masterpieces with Gladius Advanced pro Underwater Drone

Gladius Advance Pro

Gladius Advance Pro

Underwater drone specialist Chasing Innovation launches the GLADIUS Advanced Pro, a LED-equipped smart submersible underwater drone with omni-directional capabilities. The camera can dive up to 328 feet to capture 4K images and video, and live stream with incredible clarity.

Following a successful Indiegogo campaign, which raised $500,000, GLADIUS is now available to buy with a suite of new updates.


Designed for photographers and adventure seekers, the drone is equipped with an in-built 1080P (Standard) or 4K (Advanced) camera to create superior quality UHD imagery. The device enables users to capture photos or video directly to the internal storage or live stream in real-time. The unique stabilizing mechanism combined with low light sensors and an image quality optimization algorithm allows for stunning underwater footage without distortion.

The drone is equipped with LED lights on either side of the camera for a 135-degree illumination angle to light a clear path to see underwater subjects. Each light is 1200 lumens and features dimming controls for varying conditions. No matter where the GLADIUS Advanced Pro goes, the high-quality camera and lights make it easy for users to take underwater footage like never before.

GLADIUS Advanced Pro is perfect for keen divers. Not only can it capture breathtaking underwater images and video, but it can explore freshwater conditions before users are ready to dive. This greatly reduces safety risks, especially when exploring unfamiliar areas.

The polymer lithium-ion batteries support up to three hours of continuous shooting and only require an hour and a half of recharge time. It is equipped with low battery protection, which notifies users when the battery power drops below 10%. When the power is below 5%, the system will enter lock mode in order to avoid permanent damage to the battery.

The GLADIUS Advanced Pro comes with a portable lightweight backpack. It protects the device and allows users the ability to start their underwater adventure anywhere.


Compatible with dedicated iOS and Android apps, users can easily select and save images to their smartphone. It also provides the ability to live stream directly to social media platforms.

Jacky Yang, Chief of Marketing of Chasing Innovation, said: “The GLADIUS Advanced Pro can be used by photographers, filmmakers, and underwater explorers to learn more about our oceans and capture stunning content easily. Whether using it to live stream on Facebook, or photograph unusual fish – the GLADIUS Pro has you covered.”

The GLADIUS Advanced Pro has an RRP of $1,999 and is available on Chasing Innovation’s website.

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