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[Update] Google still can track you even when your phone battery dies


The New Report suggest that Motherboard has its own mini battery that never dies


Google is much more advance than we ever though, they are one step ahead always and the new report puts a stamp on it. If you ever though switching your phone off can get you rid off GPS radar then you are wrong.

According to new report, Google track location will still be ticking on and collecting information from Android smartphones despite location services being actively switched off.

If you are wondering How?….we have the answer to it, In Most of the Smartphone motherboard there sits a mini IRC battery, which never gets switched off. This battery is responsible for powering your location tracker.

But due to lack of Connectivity, the data is not transferred until you connect back to internet, your entire day’s track is sent to Google. So basically your information keeps getting stacked and stored in it.

Previously, Quartz few months ago also shared same reports – Google is collecting location information from Android smartphones despite location services being actively switched off. “The information is collected even if the user actively turns off location services, has not used any apps, and has not even inserted a carrier SIM card”, the report read. You can check the Quartz report here 

[Update]: In a deep search it has been found these reports (1) and (2) of having an a mini IRC battery on a motherboard circuit to track down users location are  fake and it’s nowhere close to reality, these reports has been carried out without any authenticity and research and we condemn it as we are genuine tech website. However the report from Quartz is still authentic and has been published after various researches.


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