Google Android P may introduce Call Blocking From Unknown, Private Number

Google Android P

Google Android P allows you to block all incoming calls from an unknown number that isn’t in your list of contacts.

Google Android P

Google Android P might be bringing a new feature to yours stock dialer app. This feature was discovered by XDA-Developers; initially, it was a part of a new set of commits that were added to AOSP from a Sony Engineer.

The New Feature from Google allows you to block all incoming calls from an unknown number that isn’t in your list of contacts. Well, the Text strings found in the commits suggest there will be an option to block numbers based on these following criteria.

  • Phone number not in contacts list
  • Phone number not disclosed by the caller (Private number)
  • Phone number is from a pay phone
  • Phone number does not have any caller ID information

Currently, you are only able to block calls on a per-number basis. Call blocking is disabled if a user places an emergency call. According to XDA Developers, these new enhanced calls blocking features will be available only if your carrier allows it, which is disappointing. We can imagine certain carriers trying to sell you these call blocking features as part of an “added value” package.

The feature isn’t actually a part of Android just yet, but it’s entirely possible we’ll see it starting with Android P. It may not show up in the first Android P Developer Preview, but it can come into action later on, Check out the Source link for more insight on the commit found about this new call blocking feature.

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