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Report: Google Pixel 2 XL charges much slower in low temperatures

Google Pixel 2XL

Google Pixel 2 XL charging speed drops drastically in lower temperature even when the device show charging rapidly.

Google Pixel 2XL

Its looks like Pixel 2 Smartphone has become the Home of problems, well after the recent problem with February security update, yet another problem for Pixel 2 users knocking at their doors. Google Pixel 2 XL owners are experiencing charging issues where their device charges slowly despite the phone showing the “Charging rapidly” notification and finally we have the answer.

According to Android Police Reports, Pixel 2 XL’s charging is affected with temperature. In their test they found that Pixel 2 XL’s charge drops to around 4W in cold conditions that is around 20-degree Celsius or lower while in room temperature it does charge at around 16W. However, it needs to be noted that the test was not conducted in proper lab-controlled conditions but highlights the concern of Pixel 2 XL users.

It is not immediately clear whether the smaller Pixel 2 is also affected by the issue or not. The report adds that the device only pulls 3-4W, making the device charge at sub-optimal speeds and offering a misleading indication of ‘Charging rapidly’ on the device.

Google has confirmed to Android Police that it is investigating a fix for the UI, which might suggest it will not display ‘Charging rapidly’ indicator but it is not clear whether this has to do anything with the way the device charges.

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