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WhatsApp saw 75 billion messages shared on New Year’s Eve which also made it crashed

WhatsApp 2018

WhatsApp hit a new milestone with more than 75 billion messages sent by its users on New Year’s Eve 2018, and which also made it server down

WhatsApp 2018

Just like every New Year, all the Social Networking sites are poured in with tons of Wishes but this time something happens unexpectedly with WhatsApp, when the whole World busy exchanges their wishes with their loved ones suddenly the WhatsApp stopped working which made people scratch their head that’s what gone wrong with the WhatsApp.

This happened because on New Year Eve WhatsApp hit a new milestone with more than 75 billion messages sent by its users which made WhatsApp server crashed at 12:40 am WhatsApp managed to link their wire again and made the WhatsApp re-alive but then again due to billions of messages coming from everywhere in no time WhatsApp again crashed and this time it remains down for several hours. Then, it was restored in two hours.

The messages were sent between 12 a.m. till 11.59 p.m. on December 31. “New Year’s Eve was WhatsApp’s biggest messaging day ever, closing out a successful year for the company that included the introduction of several new features,” WhatsApp said in a statement.

WhatsApp users in India sent over a record 20 billion messages to exchange greetings on New Year’s Eve, the Facebook-owned company said on Thursday. In comparison, The Indian users had sent 14 billion messages through the platform on New Year’s Eve last year. WhatsApp has over 1.3 billion monthly active users, the 300 million base for its ‘Status’ feature is not surprising at all.

Fun Fact: WhatsApp saw 75 billion messages being shared on New Year’s Eve 2018, and these included over 13 billion images and 5 billion videos.

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