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LG posts biggest-ever revenue in 2017, no its not due to its Smartphone sale

LG electronics

LG Operating profit was 2.47 trillion won ($2.33 billion) last year, marking the second-biggest in its history.

LG electronics

LG has emerged as the most underrated companies of 2017 that because LG has achieved something that mainly other dreams of trying achieving, well the LG has posted biggest-ever profit revenue in 2017 in case if you are thinking that this LG’s profit revenue generated from their Smartphone market then you are absolutely wrong instead its due to its strong TV sales, the company said on Thursday.

LG Revenue reached the record high of 61.4 trillion won ($57.9 billion) in 2017, topping 60 trillion won for the first time in the company’s 60-year history, Xinhua news agency reported.

If we talked about LG’s Operating profit was 2.47 trillion won ($2.33 billion) last year, marking the second-biggest in its history. Its revenue increased significantly 10.9 percent compared with the previous year, with the operating profit jumping 84.5 percent.

In December quarter alone, LG’s TV unit posted 5.48 trillion won ($5.17 billion) of revenue. It was up 14.2 percent from a year ago. The unit’s operating profit surged 133.8 percent to 383.5 billion won ($362 million) in the quarter.

While in Smartphone market, it’s just the inverse of it, LG posted an operating loss of 213.2 billion won ($201 million) in the fourth quarter on high marketing costs and higher component prices.

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