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Here’s how to fix WhatsApp ‘obsolete’ error

WhatsApp become obsolete on 13 Jan 2018 for some users

fix WhatsApp ‘obsolete’ error

It seems that latest absolute bug on WhatsApp spread like a Virus in India where maximum causality was done to Xiaomi users. Well, some users discovered an error message yesterday that says: “This version of WhatsApp became obsolete on 13 Jan 2018. Please go to the Google Play Store to download the latest version.” But they were unable to update the app.

Some of the users took to twitter to vent their frustration, a number of users complained about the issues and said they were not able to update the app.

In a statement to Techook, WhatsApp acknowledged the problem saying: “This is an issue that’s being fixed. It was a problem with how our app is distributed, which is not under our control.”

Here’s how to fix WhatsApp ‘obsolete’ error

  • First of all, visit to download the latest version of the app from the Google Play Store.
  • Second, Enable the ‘Allow installation of apps from unknown sources’ option under Settings on your device.
  • Now run the apk which you have downloaded, WhatsApp will now be updated without needing to uninstall the app or losing the data.