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Breathe Pure quality air with the Xiaomi Smartmi Air Purifier Pro

Xiaomi Smartmi

Enhance Pure quality air with the Smartmi Air Purifier Pro reveals at CES 2018

Xiaomi Smartmi

Smartmi is part of the Xiaomi ecosystem and makes products for the company under the Mi or Mija brand. Smartmi will deliver the impossible at CES 2018 – a breath of fresh air from the world’s premium clean air combo, the Smartmi Pedestal Fan and the Smartmi Air Purifier Pro.

Air quality has never been more important, as countries worldwide grapple with industrial revolution-era smog, and rocketing air pollution that threatens impact children and adults alike.

Recently schools in Iran were closed after smog hit toxic levels, while air pollution in China may be so bad that acid rain is triggering deadly landslides, according to a research paper. Meanwhile, it has been revealed that 95% of London, UK, residents are being assaulted by toxic levels or air pollutants that are a massive 50% higher than accepted safe levels.

However, Smartmi leads the clean-air fight back with the Air Purifier Pro and Smartmi Pedestal Fan, which deliver unprecedented levels of quality, clean air in the home. These lifesaving smart home innovations also sync seamlessly with compatible devices to create a safe and healthy environment for children and adults, free of industrial pollutants and particulate contamination.

Air Purifier Pro technical specifications:

Dimensions 28.94 x 10.24 x 10.24 inches

Weight 21.38 pounds

CADR (Clean air delivery rate) 500m 3/h

Application area 35m2~60m2

Wireless connection WIFI module 802.11b / g / n

Screen OLED display

Sensor Laser particle sensor, Temperature and humidity sensor

Power 1,5~66W

App compatibility  Android, IOS


Automatic mode

Light sensor

OLED display

Sleep mode

Child lock

Favorite mode

Wind speed regulation

RRP $329

Feel a natural breeze with Smartmi Pedestal Fan

Xiaomi Smartmi

Not just any fan, the Smartmi Pedestal Fan is the ultimate for the design-conscious home of today, not only capable of completely wireless operation, but also connecting with a host of other devices to offer unprecedented convenience, ease of use – and of course, cool air.

The premium build quality of the Smartmi Pedestal Fan makes it stand head-and-shoulders above the competition, with high-grade aluminum stand parts allied with beautifully engineered polycarbonate that will grace any interior.

However, it’s not just a case of beauty and no brains – the Smartmi Pedestal Fan is as smart as they come. Ideal for flexible living, the Smartmi Pedestal Fan can be controlled directly over Wi-Fi via the Mi Home App, or by voice through Amazon Alexa, but can also be connected with other smart home devices through the app. This means the fan can be activated by a motion sensor, for example, or turned off when an alarm arms as homeowners leave the house.

The Smartmi Pedestal Fan also incorporates a new concept in fan engineering that delivers ‘natural’ air, generated by the seven blade fan head design. A specially designed algorithm (based on thousands of data samples of natural wind) then delivers a cooling breeze, but without the direct jet sensation of a conventional fan.

The Smartmi Pedestal Fan uses the very latest in brushless DC motor technology, which enables it to operate at 85-95% efficiency while dropping the noise levels down to less than a whisper (29 decibels).

The minimalist’s dream fan even has a 2600Mah Lithium powerbank built in, so wireless operation anywhere in the home for up to 16 hours is simplicity itself.

Smartmi Pedestal Fan technical specifications:

Product Weight            : 3.74Kg

Product size                 : 920 * 340 * 330mm

Rated voltage              : 220V

Battery type                 : Lithium-ion battery pack

Battery rated capacity : 2600mAh (33.6Wh)

Noise                           : less than 54dB

Wireless connection    : Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11b / g / n 2.4GHz

RRP $159

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