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SMS turned 25 today, So When did you last time send SMS to someone?


It’s been 25 years! since the first ever SMS was sent in 1992


Today is a very special day for the one who used the SMS service in their time as ‘SMS’ turned 25 today, those who don’t know there was an era where people communicate with other’s through SMS before Whatsapp, Messenger took over.

I can tell you that it’s been 25 years! Since the first ever SMS was sent but can you tell me when did last time you used SMS on your phone, I am sure many of you don’t remember that well for me I have just used it in previous week but before that even I don’t know when I have used it last time its been a long time.

If we dig into the History, in 1992, Neil Papworth, a 22-year-old software programmer, sent the first ever text message from a computer to his colleague Richard Jarvis. It was a quite short message just whishing ‘MERRY CHRISTMAS’ If you had use those old Nokia phones then you might know that in those days texts had to be no longer than 160 characters.

Interestingly, the first SMS wasn’t even sent on a mobile phone like today because at those times the handset was only capable of receive messages, not sending them, so Papworth programmed the season’s greetings on a computer.

In 1993, Nokia introduced an SMS feature with a distinctive ‘beep’ to signal an incoming message and this is where texting became popular. It is an era where things like ‘emoticons’, were invented : ) or ヽ(•‿•)ノand had performed their Journey from ‘emoticons’ to ‘emojis’ which were invented in Japan in 1999.

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