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Google patents a way to use its Pixelbook as a tab


This year Google came up with some astonishing products like Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL, Google Home Mini, a better VR device and a lavish Chromebook known as Pixelbook.  The $999 premium Chromebook, besides from their smartphones, is become the sudden choice of many people. You might have read the positive review of Pixelbook so far as the product is simply flawless.

But Google wants the Pixelbook’s experience level better than the current one by using it as a tablet. I know we can still use the laptop as a tab by flipping it 360 degrees. But what makes the experience a little troublesome is the keyboard. When you hold the Pixelbook some keywords gets pushed that’s when the trouble starts. Even when you disable the keyboard, the experience is somehow not satisfactory.

Microsoft’s Surface tab solves the above problem in an easy way. They have secured a patent for external keyboard cover that gets attached with tab to work as a laptop. Apparently, Google is working quite opposite by turning a laptop into a tab. But that doesn’t matter.

The new method is disclosed in a patent which informs about an area of a touchpad which will be attached to the base area with two or more hinges and will cover the keyboard when it will not be used. The image will help you in understanding the structure.

When the structure will cover the keyboard completely, you don’t feel any key pressing when using the Pixelbook as a tab.

Google Pixelbook

Google is simply using an opening and closing structure to cover the keyboard and disable touchpad when a person would want to use it as a tab. There is not much innovation but if it helps people and enhances the experience then it is worth. And we know that Google can do many small innovations to enhance the user experience.

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Well, it’s just starting, Google has planned many things for their Pixelbook which we will soon find out.

Author: Vipin Singh is a Marketing Analyst in GreyB Services, a patent research company with offices in Singapore, India and US.