Xiaomi Mi A1 is the new budget Pixel Smartphone

Xiaomi Mi A1

Xiaomi Mi A1 is the first device under Android One Program which is powered by Google 

Xiaomi Mi A1

We have seen the Google Nexus brand evolving into the Pixel Brand and with that its loses it competitive price tag and shifted from the budget segment to more higher segment and was it put against the like of Samsung Galaxy S series and Apple iPhone series but with the re-launch of Google Android one Smartphone dubbed as “Xiaomi Mi A1” it made re-alive the moment and lost memories of Nexus brand.

Most of the people are calling the new Mi A1 as a New Nexus Smartphone and why not? When the Xiaomi Mi A1 has the premium design just like the Nexus 6P, dual camera power and the promise of Google Android upgrade for the next 2 years along with the first device to get Next Android P and it doesn’t dig a black hole in your pocket but as the Nexus series died with the Nexus 6P and Pixel series live on to tell the tale we are going to call the Mi A1 as a New Budget Pixel from Google & Xiaomi.

Xiaomi Mi A1

It was a dream of Google to bring high-quality smartphones to as many people as possible and now Xiaomi molded Google dream into the beautiful design yet power-packed specs in the new Mi A1 and which has been launched globally for all genre people out there.

Xiaomi Mi A1 doesn’t compromise with its cheap price tag, although it retails around Rs 14,999 ($225) but it has quality like flagship phone or ones like Pixel phone, as for the price you get Flagship like 12MP Dual Camera – one wide-angle lens and one telephoto lens with 2x Optical Zoom and premium build quality and not to forget support from Google. Additionally, you get 3.5mm headphone jack which comes with leading 10V smart power amplifier paired with the advanced Dirac HD Sound algorithm provides powerful speaker audio output and deep lows for both music and phone calls. Xiaomi Mi A1 will get unlimited photo and video upload, similar to the Google Pixel range of devices.

Xiaomi Mi A1

What’s not so cool about the Mi A1? Is its same old Snapdragon 625 which is also used in the Redmi Note 4 but then if we deeply think about it then we can figure out why it is the only logical choice for Xiaomi, as it is built upon 14nm FinFET technology and it tends to has 35% lower battery power consumption which is also quite important as Mi A1 is having 3,080mAh battery slightly less compare to Redmi Note 4 and it does get heated very rarely compare to other hot snapdragon processors. Additionally, it comes with 4GB of Ram and 64GB of Internal Storage, further expandable up to 128GB by inserting a microSD card.

Although Xiaomi Mi A1 is not as powerful as Pixel Device nevertheless its a budget Pixel Device with the support of Google and this is for the first time when Xiaomi has added the stock Android flavor to its Smartphone ditching their MIUI OS and collaborated with Google under Android One program. Do tell us in the comment section what’s your thought on Xiaomi Mi A1

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