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Samsung Galaxy S9 could arrive with 1,000 FPS Image Sensor

Samsung Galaxy S9 could challenge Sony with its own 1,000 fps camera sensor

Samsung Galaxy S9

If you Remember, Sony had introduced its 3-layer stacked CMOS image sensor that can capture super slow-motion full HD videos at 1,000 frames per second in the new Xperia XZ Premium. Now Samsung is also working on Galaxy S9 flagship with 1,000 fps image sensor.

Well, the Sony 3-layer stacked CMOS image sensor is built upon a three-layer chip – pixels, control logic, and dedicated memory, so streaming would not be too slow. The dedicated on-chip memory helps the camera to store many frames very fast quite enough to shoot 1,000fps or so for slow-motion video.

Samsung is designing its own image sensor quite differently from the one present on the Sony. Samsung using a traditional 2-layer chip to which a DRAM chip is bonded, this is to avoid the patent issue. Smartly played Samsung!!

Samsung Galaxy S9 could come with all-Samsung sensors currently Samsung uses a Mix of Sony and its own components.

Samsung Camera Sensor

Samsung Galaxy S9 is would be equipped with Snapdragon 845 along with 6GB of Ram. The Infinite Display likely to add charms to it and the Dual camera will help to capture the charming moment of yours. The Android Oreo 8.0 will come pre-installed on it.

Samsung is also rumored to debut the Galaxy S9 around two months earlier than the Galaxy S8. The South Korea giant likely to launch Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ at the end of January next year