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Nokia 8 is indestructible at this given price, along with coming Android Oreo

Nokia 8 enters into the Android Oreo Beta Update phase, will be rolling out soon

Nokia 8 Oreo

Nokia the name which had made others phone manufacturer shiver with its Designer Quality phones back in the old days but Nokia couldn’t sustain in the rise of Android market and hence in 2012, it made an exit from Smartphone market and now HMD Global had made Nokia re-alive and this time with the support of Android.

Nokia 8 is one of the best Smartphone that came from the Nokia production line. As it has all essential elements that make it a Valuable Flagship Smartphone and put it between the big names like – LG G6, OnePlus 5, Galaxy S8 as it features latest Snapdragon 835 processor bundled with Dual Camera Carl Zeiss lens, OZO spatial 360-degree audio and great build quality with tough body make it more wannabe.

HMD Global knows very well if they want to Make Nokia once again a King of Smartphone, the Success road goes through the Flagship devices only as with budget phone it will take ages for them to be the top players in the market.

“In the next 3-5 years, we want to be amongst the top players in the market, there is no question about it,” HMD Global Vice President India Ajey Mehta told.

Flagship device gives a gentle push in achieving the top spot and Samsung is the best example of it – “the success of Galaxy Series and Note Series” made them top the World chart. For Flagship Device to work along with the flagship specs it requires the correct pricing factor which plays an important role here and the Nokia has don’t it right by pricing Nokia 8 within Rs 36,999 ($560)

In India pricing plays a major role as it’s the biggest Market for Smartphones and most people in India are budget-centric thus pricing it under Rs 40,000 ($606) range show the cleverness of HMD Global as compared to LG, HTC, Sony, Samsung which are way above the  Rs 50,000 ($757) range. Although Nokia is late to the game as the 2017 flagship are already well established not in India but in the Whole world and we don’t know when 2018 flagship devices pop up and make the Nokia newer Flagship devices way older.

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Nokia 8 Oreo

The Thing that puts Nokia ahead of its competitors is Pure Android Experience. It runs on Android 7.1.1 out of the box and would be the first handsets that will be running Android 8 very soon. Nokia is already fast enough to provide security update timely even before then Google Pixel and Now Nokia 8 has entered into the Oreo beta update which will give it a slide edge compared to its competitors. Nokia does promise that the all Nokia phone will get Android Oreo update before the end of 2017.

In India, the festive season is yet to be started and Nokia 8 is gearing to launch on before it October 14. The Nokia Name itself is strong but in today’s consumer’s heat & mind, it has to put same old trust and Credibility just like in old days it used to