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How to Install H2OS OnePlus 5 Boot Animation on Any Android Device

OnePlus 5 Boot Animation

OnePlus 5 Boot Animation

HydrogenOS or H20S is the stock firmware for OnePlus devices that are released in the Chinese market. While the firmware itself is based on OxygenOS and incorporates all its features, it serves some extra goodness and a more polished UI and that’s the reason that several users like it. Well, another major part of H2OS is its boot animation. Certainly, it makes the phone’s aesthetics much attractive. So if you really like it more than your current boot animation, this guide will help you get it.

Now, if you want it on your device, you wouldn’t have to completely shift to a different ROM or install a dedicated port on any other OEM device. That’s because XDA Senior Member – Alukarulz has made it possible to install  HydrogenOS OnePlus 5 boot animation on any Android device. He has extracted the animation from the official HydrogenOS build. Below is a little preview of the H20S boot animation loop:

One Plus 5 Boot Animation

Added to your convenience, the XDA member has also made a Magisk Module for the same that will help you get the H20S OnePlus 5 boot animation. In order to use the module, you must first install Magisk. But, if you’re not into using Magisk, you can still easily have through manual installation. Both the methods are relatively easy to perform and wouldn’t cost you much time.

So, let us get to it without any further ado.

How to Install H2OS OnePlus 5 Boot Animation

Using the instructions below you can easily install H20S boot animation on any Android device. However, there are a few requirements.


1.Irrespective of the method you choose, both of them will require you to have your Android device rooted. You may use any root method including SuperSU or Magisk depending upon your choice.

2.If you choose to install it as a Magisk Module, you must first install Magisk on your device: How to Install Magisk Universal Systemless Interface

3.Once you have your device rooted, it is advised that you take a complete backup of your device. So in case anything goes unplanned, you will still be able to restore your device.


Grab the boot animation now. Choose your preferred method and download the file accordingly.

1,Magisk Method:

2.Manual Method:

Method #1: As a Magisk Module

The easiest way to get the boot animation is by installing it as a module in Magisk. So follow the steps below.

1.Download the module zip for H20S boot animation.

2.Of course, you must already have Magisk installed, along with the latest Magisk Manager app.

3.Connect your Android device to the PC and transfer the “” file to the internal storage.

4.Disconnect the device and open the Magisk Manager app.

5.Swipe from the left edge of the app window to open the menu. Select “Modules”.

 Install H2OS OnePlus 5 Boot Animation

6. In Modules, tap on the “+” icon on the bottom of the screen.

7. Your phone’s default file manager will open. So navigate the storage and select the “” module zipAs soon as you will select the module, the installation will automatically begin

8. As soon as you will select the module, the installation will automatically begin

9. When the installation process is complete, tap on the “REBOOT” button.

OnePlus 5 Boot Animation

Your device will reboot now with the new and more polished H20S boot animation.

Method #2: Manual Installation

If you’re not into the Magisk scene, you can still get it by installation the boot animation zip to your system partition.

1.Download the “” file and copy it over to your device.

2.Install a root explorer of your choice. We recommend Solid Explorer for its simplicity.

3.Once it is installed, launch Solid Explorer from the app drawer.

4.Go to the location where the file is present and copy it to the clipboard.

5.Now navigate to /system/media/ partition. You will need to give root permissions to the app for accessing the partition.OnePlus5 BootAnimation

6.You will notice that there’s already a file by the same name. This is your stock boot animation. So, rename the current one to “”.

7.Now, paste the H2OS “” file in this folder. Long-press on the file and then tap on the 3-dot overflow button on the top-right.

8.Go to Properties > Attributes and set the file permissions as – rw – r – – r – -.OnePlus5 Animation

9. Press on “APPLY” and reboot your phone.

You have just installed the HydrogenOS boot animation from OnePlus 5 on your Android. Go on! Enjoy a more beautiful welcoming screen on your phone.

If you further like to boost the customization experience, install LineageOS ROM on your OnePlus 5: How to Install LineageOS on OnePlus 5

Have a problem with boot animation installation? Don’t worry, just comment below and we will help you.

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