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Xiaomi MIUI 9 Possible Launch Date Revealed

Xiaomi MIUI 9 launch date

Xiaomi H.O.D Confirmed! that MIUI 9 Coming Real Soon! and also Revealed Possible Launch Date

Xiaomi MIUI 9 launch date

MIUI 9 will be going to be the next big thing for Xiaomi fans out there and they have been waiting for it quite long. This time Xiaomi MIUI 9 will come with major changes and overhaul as recently Lei Jun recently quoted that, “the Next MIUI 9 to be very smooth & really powerful” and this made us more desperate about the new MIUI 9 update but one question remains same “When is MIUI 9 coming?”

Now finally we have the answer to the most commonly asked questions across all platform but before that we like to inform you that MIUI 9 is coming to all Xiaomi Smartphone newer to older but there is a twist, it’s not important that all MIUI 9 upgrades will be based upon Android Nougat only as some of MIUI 9 will be based upon KitKat or Android Lollipop also which is been tested by Beta Developers, For eg – Redmi Note 3 might come with MIUI 9 based upon Nougat 7.0 and if not it will be stuck with Android 6.0

Now let’s move on to the MIUI 9 Possible Launch Date which has been confirmed by the Xiaomi head of the department, that MIUI 9 is indeed coming soon and likely to arrive before 16 August 2017. This information was shared on MIUI forum. One thing is to be noted is that this date is for China ROM not global so basically the MIUI 9 Global ROM upgrade will roll out in 15 days after the launch date of MIUI 9 China ROM.

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Recently, MIUI shared a screenshot on Weibo which was misreported as a leaked screenshot of MIUI 9 but in reality, the screenshot was just an ordinary theme and it has nothing to do with MIUI 9. Furthermore, Redmi Note 4 has been confirmed to get the Android Nougat update so just relax as it already in Beta test since its launch with Android 7.0.

Here’s the List of Xiaomi Devices getting early taste of MIUI 9 based on Android Nougat

(While other unlisted Xiaomi Device will get MIUI 9 update afterward)  

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