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Have you ever wondered what Aeroplane contrails look like from above. How are they formed?

Aeroplane Rare Contrails

These Rare Contrails in the video looks like from Sci-fi movies but Why Do Airplanes Leave Tracks In the Sky?

Aeroplane Rare Contrails

If you have watched an airplane fly across a clear blue sky than you must have seen them leaving tracks in the sky? And after a while, the plane’s track fades away into thin air. The Question is where they come from and what are they? Well, we have the answer to your questions.

The phenomenon of leaving tracks in the sky is called a Contrail. In reality, they are actually artificial clouds which are formed from Airplane engines produce exhaust, similar to car engines do.

Contrails appear several miles above the ground and are Ice particle that forms in the exhaust of an Aircraft. Most of the Ice particle in Contrails form from the water already present in the Atmosphere. A Smaller portion comes from the engine exhaust itself known as “Aerosols” which exist inside an airplane’s exhaust.

Contrails are only formed at very high altitudes, mostly above (26,000 feet) or 8 km’s, where the temperature is around -40 degrees Celsius. The Size and Duration of the Contrails depend on the Relative Humidity in the Air.


This Video has been Shot from a Plane’s Cockpit, the rising Sun lit this Mesmerizing Footage.

If your sharp brain forming another question just like the Contrail, then we have already seen it coming. What are those tracks airplanes creating messages in the sky with what looks like clouds? Are these contrails? Not exactly…

Skywriters use small airplanes equipped with special smoke machines to fly in special patterns to create written messages from the smoke. With the switching On the Red button, the machines spray oil onto the plane’s hot exhaust system, where it burns quickly and creates clouds of dense white smoke.

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