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Video: Here’s How you can fly the DJI’s Spark Drone in most easy & fun way


DJI’s Spark Drone is easy to fly with these hand gesture control and that too without any remote control….

DJI’s Spark is one of the best Drones of 2017 specially made for beginners and the best part it doesn’t dig a hole in your pocket. DJI, the world’s largest consumer drone maker, which is based in Shenzhen, China, has introduced a budget Segment drone named as “Spark”

The Spark can be controlled with a smartphone or even hand gestures, is remarkably easy for even a novice to operate, and “shoots superb high-definition video,” according to a New York Times’ review.

It costs about half the price of other high-end drones from DJI, and that not all it comes with high-end features and for which originally would have cost around $1000 a year ago.

DJI drones often come with more features, like follow-mode and higher video resolution on mounted cameras. They also have higher max operating times.

There is an option to skip using the app altogether by enabling PalmControl, a mode that lets the drone respond to your hand gestures. To enable this, hold your palm flat toward the camera, and the drone will lock in on your hand and follow it around as you move. You can hold out your thumbs and index fingers to form a frame around yourself to make the drone automatically take a selfie of you. Wave your hand at the drone and it will ascend and fly backward as shown in the Video below…..


“DJI’s release of the Spark at $499 is certainly a response to the volume and growth of drones at lower price points,” Arnold said. “At $499, DJI can really leverage its brand and disrupt sales for its competitors in the pricing segment.”

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