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Apple please don’t kill the best ever, iPad mini Series

iPad mini series

The iPad mini will be soon a thing of the past as if the new report to be believed on which suggest us that the Apple is going to discontinue the iPad mini lineup and that is very sad for us. Apple is doing it because it believes that the future holds the market for the bigger tablets.

Apple is planning to position the next tablet as a larger device to compete with your laptop and the next tablet from Apple will be bigger, not smaller than the iPad, and the iPad mini will likely go into the ashes.

Well if you asked any Apple fans to picked out the best iPad for them I am sure most of them will be going to pick iPad mini 4 as the best iPad ever just like me and the reason for it is simple, the iPad mini is the only iPad that’s handy, portable as your phone and easy to use.

If we talk about other iPad they are nearly as large as 9.7-inch to 12.9-inch iPad and they are not easy to carry out especially not for Holiday as they take extra space in your luggage basically, need to be carried in a laptop bag eventually which will add on the burden on your shoulder. Yes, they are great for watching movies or reading out, browsing YouTube session due to the larger screen but only when you are at home sitting on your favorite couch, but if you want to go outside than you need something handy or portable as your phone and where the iPad mini come to your rescue.

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As per iPad mini is concerned, It’s small enough for you to casually carry it around in your hands just like your phone, it’s also come handy for women’s as they can easily keep it in their larger purse or carry bags.

The Reports also says that the mini will be phased out because the sales numbers were dropping, it might be the reason but when we look back we find that no updates for the iPad mini 4 have been given since 2015. There might be people want more from the Apple iPad mini, here Apple need to do is that they would introduce an upgraded version of iPad mini with new A9 chipset and about 4GB of Ram and more storage than the previous one, Smaller bezel or bezel-less design and aim it to the students, businesses and medical establishments including hospitals it will surely sell like a hot cake and bring out the change in the people life.

There is one more thing about iPad mini if Apple reduces its price then it will surely help to reduce the gap between the buyers and iPad mini. It’s more expensive than a “regular” iPad — it’s no wonder why the mini is not selling well. Apple should learn if the thing doesn’t work as per their plan it doesn’t mean that’s it’s the end it means that its need improvement & several changes according to the users taste.