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How to get free flagship phone from Verizon with its unlimited plan? – List of free flagship phone


I am sure your ears have gone up on hearing about Free flagship phone just like a Bugs Bunny toon. I know Free flagship phone feels like music to your ears, but getting your hands on free flagship phone is not so easy as it looks to be.  Verizon making it possible with its new Verizon business plan and to lure the most of the customer they are giving free flagship phone. Here’s How?

You can avail this offer when you trade your old Smartphone and subscribe to Verizon unlimited plan. The phones being swapped must be in working condition. Verizon says that mobile subscribers who ditch their current providers and sign up for Verizon Unlimited will be eligible to pick up these below-listed devices for free.

The List of Free Flagship Device are –

1.     Apple iPhone 7

2.     Apple iPhone 7 Plus

3.     Google Pixel

4.     Moto Z-Droid

5.     Moto Z Force Droid

6.     Samsung Galaxy S7

7.     Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

 free flagship phone from Verizon

After Successfully trading your old device,  the Verizon customer will receive up to $792 in bill credits over 24 months to reimburse him/her for the purchase of the flagship phone. The bill credits start after 2 to 3 bill cycles and Don’t forget the customer will have to sign up for Verizon Unlimited to avail this offer. If we talk about monthly rates which will starts from $80 for one line, $120 for two, $160 for three and $180 for four. Add $20 for each additional line up to a total of ten. Don’t forget that video streams at HD (720p) resolution and subscribers will have to agree to sign up for auto pay. The handsets eligible to be traded in are listed below

The List of Eligible Trading Devices are –

1.     Apple iPhone 6

2.     Apple iPhone 6 Plus

3.     Apple iPhone 6s

4.     Apple iPhone 6s Plus

5.     Apple iPhone 7

6.     Apple iPhone 7 Plus

7.     Samsung Galaxy S6

8.     Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+

9.     Samsung Galaxy S7

10.  Samsung Galaxy S7 edge

11.  Samsung Galaxy Note 5

12.  LG G5

13.  LG V20

14.  HTC 10.

“You don’t have to settle for unlimited data on a discount network with low-quality video. This awesome offer makes it easier than ever to experience unlimited data the way it is meant to be, all on a network that can handle the demands of a digital life.”-Nancy Clark, head of marketing and sales operations, Verizon

That’s not all, Verizon is also allowing the owners of other functional handset models in superb condition, to trade them in. With the trade, the Verizon customer will pay just $5 a month for any of the listed device (below) using Verizon’s device payment plans. It is a best offer to get free flagship phone from Verizon.

The other eligible listed device are –

1.     Apple iPhone SE

2.     Samsung Galaxy Note 4

3.     Samsung Galaxy S5

4.     LG G4

5.     LG V10

6.     HTC One M9.

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