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5 things Android users can do better than iOS users


Google’s Android and Apple iOS currently are the most popular user interference Worldwide while it’s second Rival Windows has come near to extinct. While being elder iOS has still not learned the lesson from Android which does make Android better than  iOS in few things.

Today we will unwrap these important differences between iOS and Android – Still, there are a lot of things you can do with Android phones that you still can’t do with the iPhone.

  1. Smarter calling – Truecaller

 Android better than iOS

Truecaller, a really popular crowdsourced phone directory service, is available on both Android and iOS. You must be thinking what’s wrong with Truecaller its available for Both platform right? Yes you are right but it works and performs duty differently on both the Android as well as iOS – In Android Only you get to see the names of identified unknown callers when Someone calls you while in iOS 10, a new API lets Truecaller show an incoming spam call, but it won’t show names of every caller – you have to manually check those.

The Android app also syncs the call logs so you can even see names of unknown numbers listed in a chronological fashion – you can even use it as a replacement for your default dialer. Whereas in iOS, the app only shows a log of people whom you’ve called using the app, not all calls.

  1. Google Photos Backup

Google Photos is an incredible service that offers unlimited backups of photos and videos captured on your phone, for free. Just like Truecaller, there is an iOS app for this service also but it doesn’t reliably backup photos when the phone’s on standby – that’s because Apple doesn’t have APIs for apps to perform tasks like uploading content in the background. In Android not only photos will sync when your phone is asleep, you can even customize when the uploading task will perform at the time of charging or while phone sitting idle.

While the only way to seamlessly backup photos on an iPhone today is by using iCloud, which has a monthly subscription fee beyond the first 5GB – though it does not compress your images, how bad it is?

  1. Record phone calls

In most of the Android phone Call recording option comes by default – Xiaomi, LG etc or you can easily install a dedicated app towards it on an Android phone But this is not a case for iOS as this is yet another thing that you can’t do on an iPhone, though you can by using third party subscription services on iOS but for that you have to shed some money and those apps are not also not easily accessible.

Furthermore, In Android Apps like Automatic Call Recorder can record every call by default and you can also share the AMR file over email or cloud storage.

  1. Split Screen – Run two apps at once

Although you can run two apps side-by-side on an iPad, the same isn’t available on an iPhone, yet.  Samsung has introduced this multi-window feature in 2012 with its Galaxy Note and now have been available on a number of different phones. Google had made the multi-Window feature default in Android 7.0 Nougat. This can be useful when you’re juggling between two apps constantly – like for example, Watching on YouTube How to cook your favorite Dish? And while noting down its ingredients on a notepad at the same time.

  1. Google Maps

Although you can install Google Maps on the iPhone, but you cannot make it the default app which means Siri will always get directions from Apple Maps only. The Apple Maps are not accurate as compared to Google maps while Apple maps still missing many points of interest, complete streets, and neighborhoods and it still sends on weird routes very often.

On Android, Google Maps offers transit directions in more cities, better driving directions, it even alerts you about the traffic jams.

Android fans can take heart from these facts that their devices are way ahead than the iOS though it seems that the battle for smartphone hearts and minds is set to continue for the decade but if you are iOS users don’t feel bad as there are many things that iPhone does better than any Android Device.

Do tell us in our comment which Android-exclusive feature you would like to point out in case we have missed it out.

Shashank is an experienced tech blogger. He has completed his Master in Business Administration but his heart lies in technology & Gadgets. He is basically Creative in Nature and his one of favorite thing is Capturing Nature closely whenever he gets the free time.

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