Xiaomi foldable Mi electric scooter with E-ABS technology launched at just $290



Xiaomi unveiled its first electric vehicle by the way if you are thinking about a Fantasy and Luxuries car then you are wrong – it’s an electric scooter known as Mijia foldable Mi electric scooter. Smaller and more portable than the company’s QiCycle and cheaper too.

Xiaomi Mi electric scooter, it is a foldable electric bike that has been developed under the company’s new sub-brand Mi Ecosystem. The electric scooter with its unique foldable design is currently available in China in two color choices of black and white.

 Mi electric scooter with E-ABS

The Xiaomi Mi electric scooter has been crafted out of aircraft-grade aluminum and weighs 12.5kg. Highlight of the electric scooter is that it is foldable at the press of a button. According to Xiaomi, it takes just three seconds to fold the scooter, making it easy to store or carry. In terms of design, the scooter features 1.1W high-brightness LED front light which can illuminate path about six meters away, a bright red warning light, along with four LED power indicators.

The scooter works on a Kinetic Energy Recovery System which recovers some of the energy dissipated at the running of the scooter. It then converts this kinetic energy into electrical energy and hence helps prolong the scooter’s battery life.


The Mijia has a range of 30km (while carrying a 75kg person) thanks to its 280Wh battery (LG 1850 lithium) and its 500W motor can push it up to 25km/h. The battery operated electric scooter comes with a dual-brake system. Mi electric scooter has E-ABS anti-lock system while the rear wheel uses mechanical disc brake, so it can come to a complete stop in 4m.

The  Mijia foldable Mi electric scooter comes with a smartphone app, naturally. It gives info on current speed, battery charge and range. It also allows you to monitor the battery and will notify you immediately if there’s something wrong. It has been priced at Rs 19,500 ($290)and will start selling from December 15 in China.

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