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Here what went wrong with Samsung Galaxy Note 7 that cause such massive fire in handset



Samsung Galaxy Note 7 proved to be one of the biggest techs fails of this year. Samsung has seen its shares and reputation going down after the massive battery fiasco in Note 7. But what went wrong? Samsung didn’t open their mouth regarding the reason behind this massive battery fiasco.

The good part is this, the engineer from Instrumental finally has come up with the valid reason behind this massive fiasco.  In order to keep the Galaxy Note 7 really slim, Samsung is said to have employed a super aggressive design, and this meant that the battery was continually being compressed, Instrumental reports. The engineers say that Samsung used a pair of polymer layers drenched in electrolytes to separate positive and negative layers. But the compressing of the battery forced the positive and negative layers to squeeze and eventually come in contact with each other. This led to the battery heating up and causing an explosion.

In short and simple, Samsung engineers didn’t allow enough internal space for the handset’s large battery, leading to a pressure build-up, short-circuit, and fires.

But here what comes as a shock is that, Instrumental claim that the company already knew about the dangers. Samsung‘s engineers apparently knew about the risks of the highly compressed battery design they were employing, but still “took a deliberate step towards danger.”

Galaxy Note 7 Battery

Samsung’s engineers ended up making a conscious decision to pursue the maximum possible battery capacity knowing the additional risks and breaking well-known design principles. It simply means that Samsung has put their user’s safety aside just to get a slim body on their Note 7 to compete with Apple iPhone.

Samsung had claimed that over 2.5 million Galaxy Note 7 units were shipped. But after reports of explosions, the company announced a worldwide recall, even delayed its launch in India, and ultimately pulled the plug

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