Tesla Model S driver survives the Horrifying crash, after the car Lifted the Semitruck trailer Off The Ground



The safest car in the whole world Tesla Model S met with a Horrifying accident and yet the driver came out without any Life-threating injuries. Why we are calling Tesla Model S the safest car in the word that because in NHTSA crash test ratings were the highest in history — with 5 stars in every single category and a combined score of 5.4, it scores above than 5 and that’s pretty impressive.

Looking at a recent incident the rating seems to have lived up to the hype and tesla Model S has to evolve as the safest car in the World.

Recently, a Model S owner who got into an accident on Germany’s Autobahn survived after his car crashed into an 18-wheeler at a high speed. The driver was reportedly seriously injured, but looking at the images, it looks as though he would have certainly been killed were he driving a vehicle less structurally reinforced than the Model S.

Here’s an overview of what happened from Badische Neueste Nachrichten (as put through a clumsy online translation service):

“The speed must have been tremendous: A Tesla sports car ‘dug’ into a barrier on the Autobahn 5 between Rasthof Bruchsal and Kronau on Tuesday morning. The 56-year-old driver from the Karlsruhe area was seriously injured, but he was able to leave his completely destroyed vehicle independently and bring himself to safety. …

“At about 11:34, the emergency personnel were alerted about the accident that occurred on the left lane of the motorway at a construction site. According to information from the Bruchsal fire brigade, a construction company was just about to set up a construction site on the left lane. Possibly, the driver in the accident overlooked the barrier vehicle and the barrier, which asks the driver to change lanes. The cause of the accident could not yet be given.”

Tesla Model-S crash

Bruchsal’s fire department spoke to Tesla about how to handle any potential electrical fires, but the battery pack was largely intact and luckily there was no mention of the vehicle catching fire in the report, despite the fact that the Model S was totaled.

Well, the Horrifying picture clearly shows us the Tesla Model S lifting up a large trailer yet the roof of the Model S remaining strong enough to protect the driver from premature death. The fact that anyone survived this is, once again, a testament to Tesla’s incredible engineering.

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