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Everything you should know about the Xiaomi MI VR Play before buying it


Xiaomi VR Play will go on sale tomorrow on Mi official website but before buying the new MI VR Play you should know about some of these important things about MI VR play how good and how bad it is and how much different it is from the China Variant.

The Zipper Design

What’s make the Xiaomi Mi VR Play different from other VR devices present in the market is its innovative Zipper design which comes very helpful in case of adjusting the headphone jack according to the 3.5mm jack port present on your Smartphone whether it is above the phone or below it. So you don’t have to adjust it every time.

Lightweight Lycra

The Build quality in Xiaomi VR Play is very impressive and feels awesome thanks to Lycra fiber which made it possible this kind of softness in the VR Play. It is comfortable to wear and the Foam feels nice to your hand, its feels like you are holding an expensive VR Device in your hand. It is pretty much light weighted you don’t feel like holding it in air.

No Head Strap Support

This comes as a very big Disappointment that the MI VR Play for India comes without the Head strap as compared to china one which comes with the Head strap, that’s why you don’t find any hook, attached on VR in the Indian Variant. The main reason behind it is the certified as per “Google Cardboard” regulation as explained in this Video

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No MIUI VR app

All I was waiting for Xiaomi to come up with the VR Play in India with the default MIUI VR app (English Version) but it came as a surprise to me that they launched MI VR Play without the MIUI VR app and Hence all the problem arises from there, if they have gone with MIUI VR app they would have included the head strap for India Variants instead they gone with Google Cardboard. The MIUI VR app is incredibly awesome and gets regular updates with new content in every 2-3 days and shows different content from worldwide but sadly all in Chinese buts that is not a very big deal.

Cheap pricing

It doesn’t surprise me at all that’s because Xiaomi is known for Cheap dirt pricing on their Gadgets and devices compare to others. Xiaomi has launched it for Rs 999 which is a very good pricing for this amazing VR Play handset.


You can buy MI VR Play from tomorrow onwards at 12:00 pm for yourself from and get on board to the ride of a Virtual reality. I am sure you gonna have much more fun then I have it with the Xiaomi VR Play.